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USA Girls Whatsapp – Contact USA/American Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Emma never reacted to the immense torture inflicted upon her. Years passed by and during six years of her marriage she gave birth to 3 daughters. She was forced for pregnancy as her laws wanted to have a grandson as soon as possible. Emma took all the hardships for herself but when her husband refused to pay for any need of the girls. Emma reached the limit of her patience. She talked to the religious guide, who lived in their village and filed a case of Khula, which she was easily granted with as there were several wounds in her body to tell her story.

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Name: Emma
City: New York
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: Christian
Whatsapp Number: +14534325435

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USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She left her home and moved to Faisalabad city where she occupied a barren piece of land with a house that she made herself. The plot was the property of a famous social worker, who after listening to her story gave her the ownership rights of the property with only one condition that she will provide shelter to the victims of child marriage.

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She installed a ‘Tandoor’ in her house made of mud and started selling meals from which she is still earning enough to support her five daughters and help them get education.

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Name: Olivia
City: Los Angeles
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: Christian
Whatsapp Number: +12424353468

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: There were times when the names of women were used by men to make their brands popular in the market, but those men were so narrow minded about their women working in practical life that they confined them in their houses.

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: But today, the times have changed and the women of today are aware of their role in the betterment of the society and the development and progress of their country. Salma Sherma is a lady who wanted to use most of her life in serving her country but she was very confused about choosing one field.

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Name: Ava
City: Chicago
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: Jewish
Whatsapp Number: +12862638335

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: So, she decided to move with time and do whatever attracted her. As her parents had come from India at the time of partition her family got divided and her paternal family stayed behind in India, so she had many chances of going to India from where she got inspired with yoga and learnt it from a well-known expert.

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USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: At her return from India she received much criticism from the people who are religious extremists. She even received life threats from the people who connect every skill with religion, same was the case with yoga, she learnt is as an exercise but people of Pakistan tried to connect it with Hindu religion.

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Name: Isabella
City: Houston
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: None
Whatsapp Number: +13297326342

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: After completing her masters’ degree in English literature she cleared public service exams and served as a magistrate for one year. When she felt that she could not work under political pressure she left the job of a magistrate and joined the armed forces of Pakistan.

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: After spending many years in army she wanted to use her writing skills to serve her country by creating awareness about several issues that remain untouched even by the strongest governments of the country. As she got promoted to the rank of a major she resigned from the army and wanted to become a full time writer.

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Name: Aadhira
City: Phoenix
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: Hindu
Whatsapp Number: +12927377723

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: During her job switching time she had one passion with her and that was of Yoga. She kept writing both prose and poetry and won many awards in the field of literature.

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She was not only doing justice with her jobs but she was also raising a family of four off-springs and a loving husband. Whatever she did, she did it with perfection. Five years passed very quickly and Salma was writing wonderful poetry, but one night she decided to open a Yoga centre for all the health conscious people.

Name: Elizabeth
City: Philadelphia
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: Christian
Whatsapp Number: +17522383432

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers: To make her dream come true she decided to settle down in Islamabad, she bought a huge house Girls Whatsapp Numbers with half the funding from her loving husband. She used half of the house as her house and half as a yoga institute. Now, she is running a Yoga center quite successfully.

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