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Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Sometimes we learn lesson from the persons whom we think inferior to us. Generally we think that the one who is dependent on us can do nothing special because the person is not as rich in terms of money as we think about ourselves. This thought is proven wrong by a lady named Nabila. She was not a business woman or belonged to any high class society; she was just a maid of a house.

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Colombo Online Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers

Name: Amandi
City: Colombo
Age: 19
Status: Single
Religion: Christian
Whatsapp Number: +942842974304

Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Her age was around 40. She was the maid of my friend. She was very nice and sweet. She does cooking, washing clothes, dusting and cleaning of the house. My friend is very happy with her as she was honest and sincere.

Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Nabila was a strong woman who married her cousin knowing that he could not become a father all through his life. She had no children. She lived with her husband in her house. One day, i was invited by my friend over the tea. I enjoyed the snacks and tea, especially the chat with my friend. During our conversation, I inquired about her maid Nabila.

Moratuwa City Girls Whatsapp Contact Numbers

Name: Amasha
City: Moratuwa
Age: 20
Status: Single
Religion: Non
Whatsapp Number: +942842080324

Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: I asked my friend about Nabila’s earnings like where did she spend her income. I was really surprised when my friend told me that this old woman is not earning only for herself. She is earning money for the poor children of slum. Every holiday she used to cook food in her house and distribute it to the poor children the whole day with the help of her husband.

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Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Her husband too was a kind hearted person and helped his wife do whatever she wanted to do. He was a security guard who earned a decent living form which he save enough to give 12 children new clothes on religious festivals of Eid. Both husband and five visited orphanages and spent their spare time with children who were deprived of the blessing known as parents.

Real Jaffna Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Friendship

Name: Amaya
City: Jaffna
Age: 21
Status: Single
Religion: None
Whatsapp Number: +92404937626

Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Whenever someone suggested them to adopt a child they refused by saying that why pick one out of hundreds of them and why not love all of them and care for them every possible way. She holds such a divine soul who feels for others.

Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She said that if Allah had blessed me with my own children then I would be responsible for earning for them so why not for these poor children. Allah has created the world with love and every person is free to take benefits from the blowing air, flowing water in seas and rivers and from the rains when it rains.

Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: This is only man who divides the blessings of Allah according to his own interest. I became speechless when she was sharing her thoughts and for the first time in my life, I truly realized what the purpose of life of a man should be.

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